Early Portfolio

The following is from the syllabus of INTE 6750, Current Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology, as well as the Early Portfolio rubric.

The ILT program requires submission of a professional portfolio to satisfy comprehensive exam requirements. The portfolio provides evidence, through selected artifacts completed in various classes, that you have mastered the knowledge and skills required in the program and are ready to assume your place as a practicing professional. The Early Portfolio should include:

  • A professional résumé.
  • A short (1-2 page) reflection about technology and education (or instructional design), including a statement of values or philosophy of practice, linked to your own experience [and] a reflection on your background, career goals, and possible roles you would like to fill.
  • Copies of completed projects, accompanied by a brief introduction or reflection and showing which ILT competencies are addressed. If this is your first ILT class, submit the Emergence assignment in this area.

For the Early Portfolio assignment, create a shell for your portfolio and populate it as you can with resources – at a minimum, your résumé, a short reflection, and at least one project. You may author the portfolio using any appropriate tool – an authoring tool like Weebly, or a blogging tool like WordPress or Blogger, or html and Dreamweaver. Examples are available in the course shell or in the Ning advisement area (where all ILT students are expected to access for advisement). The purpose of the Early Portfolio assignment is to keep you tuned into the portfolio as a program requirement. You’ll want to gradually grow the site as you produce various products and papers in classes.

From the Week 4 area of INTE 6750

Submit your Early Portfolio to the designated area. Use this rubric to guide your effort. The quality and completeness of your portfolio will depend on how [long] you have been in the program. The assignment is to remind you [of] the need to begin work on this now, rather than wait until the end of your program.

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